Bus Zones, Routes, & Stops

Slow Down
  • Each year, the West Fargo Public Schools Transportation Department transports roughly 40% of the district’s student population, for a total of over 700,000 miles.   

    Walk vs. Bus Zones
    The district has set a 0.9 mile walk zone around all schools; busing is offered to all eligible students outside of that radius. The distance is calculated from the driveway of the residence to the school's property line.       

    Bus Routes
    Bus routes are mapped and planned using computer software. It is the goal of the Transportation Department to keep all routes under 60 minutes in length. In rare circumstances, due to the rural nature of portions of our district, route times will exceed the hour preference. Parents may inquire about transportation eligibility and register their students by completing a bus registration form at their school.

Bus Stops

  • Bus stops are located so all students eligible for busing have less than or equal to 0.4 mile walk from their home to the bus stop. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure their children get to and from bus stops safely. In cases of long rural driveways where bus access is limited, we respectfully request parents to meet the bus at an appropriate location. Students should strive to be at the bus stop for morning pickup at least five minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the bus. Students are expected to board and exit at their designated stop.

    Bus/Stop Assignment
    The Transportation Department assigns all eligible students’ transportation services based off the address listed as their home address in Power School.  There are three exceptions of particular note:

    • Parents whose children utilize transportation services to addresses other than their home address (daycares are a great example). This option is allowable as long as there is capacity available on the bus going to the alternate location.
    • Typically, students that open enroll into WFPS from another district are not eligible for transportation services. However, these students may utilize bus services if they make suitable arrangements with the Transportation Department in advance. Open enrolled students may use current bus stop locations as long as the bus has available capacity. The Transportation Department will not alter or make route adjustments to accommodate open enrolled students.
    • When the district "force transfers" a child from their home school to another school in the district due to capacity issues, this child will also be eligible for busing from their home to their new school.

    Please note that the district's mapping software is the official measuring tool for any distance determinations related to transportation. The Transportation Department also keeps "official time" for all routes; that can be found by clicking here (NEED LINK). Parents and guardians who feel there are hazards present where their child needs to walk should submit a request to the Transportation Director. The Transportation Director and Superintendent will consider any hazards that would alter the zones, routes, or stops. The Transportation Department reserves the right to add, change, or delete bus stop locations and times.