Responsibilities of Substitute Teachers

  • Preparation
    Upon arrival at a school, please stop at the main office to check-in to the LobbyGuard system with your driver’s license. An administrative assistant will direct you to the assigned classroom and provide you with the substitute folder left by the classroom teacher. Substitute folders will include information on school safety and security procedures, class rosters, and lessons for the day.

    At the start of each period, report attendance to the main office and leave an attendance list for the classroom teacher. A written report on what the students accomplished, how the class responded, and any problems you encountered should be left for the teacher. If you were not provided with adequate substitute places or work materials, report this to the building principal and the classroom teacher.

    Safety & Security
    You are responsible for the safety and welfare of the students in your classes. Per district policy, copies of emergency plans should be included in your substitute folder. Each classroom in WFPS contained a red five-gallon bucket. Included in the bucket are emergency supplies to utilize in case of a lockdown, fire drill, tornado drill, or evacuation.  Avoid utilizing equipment that you are not qualified to operate. If provided a classroom key, be sure to lock the room in your absence.

    Computer Network Access
    Substitute teachers may access the district’s computer network system by using a guest substitute login. This will allow substitutes access to the internet and to the Absence Management system. Guest login user names and passwords are assigned to each school building and are displayed periodically on the substitute’s Absence Management (AESOP) homepage. If you have questions about accessing the network, please contact the Technology Department at (701) 356-2002.