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  • Yearbook:

    If you like taking photos, writing, or want to learn how to design a book, then yearbook is for you! Yearbook is a time honored tradition for a school where you get to work with many clubs, get on the sidelines of events, meet lots of new people, and help tell the story of your school year. This program is one of the more selfless things a student can do at our school. By working with your classmates (yes, this is a class you can also get credit for and participate in for four years!), you help to create the narrative of memories for your peers. In this class, you can find your passions, craft them into a project, and get the satisfaction of seeing your classmates reacting to all your hard work when it is time for delivery. The class is a lot of hard work, but it is balanced out by the support of your classmates and filled with lots of fun activities hosted by the yearbook over the school year. 

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Jamie Odum