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What is Debate?

  • Mission Statement:

    It is the West Fargo High School Debate Team’s mission:


    • provide participating students a valuable educational activity with a primary emphasis on student cognitive development and, more importantly, a fostering of positive relationships that students may carry with them for the rest of their lives.


    • …to provide a safe environment in which students can become more acquainted with current events that directly or indirectly affect their lives.


    • …to offer debate activities which improve research skills, critical thinking, advocacy, analysis, persuasion, oral presentation, ethical argumentation, organization, teamwork, group problem solving, citizenship, and leadership.


    Debate is a powerful medium through which conflict may be resolved. To that end, the WFHS debaters are instructed to demonstrate self-discipline, maturity, responsibility, and respect for all participants at all times.


    Apparel:  Since you are going to be speaking in front of judges and an audience, you should be wearing semi-professional attire.  A good expectation to hold is to be one step above your audience.


    Tournament etiquette:  Students are required to always be on time.  You are a representative of West Fargo High School, so act professionally and reflect the values upheld by our school philosophy.  Please remember that although debate is a very competitive activity, greater lessons can be learned from good sportsmanship and participation than receiving awards.  It is with this in mind that we must uphold high standards of integrity when interacting with participants, coaches or judges from other schools as well as our own.   


    Traveling:  The school will cover all registration costs; however, you are responsible for your meals. Per district policy, students are required to travel on the bus unless  


    Tournament sign-up:  Students are responsible for signing up for each tournament they would like to participate in. The deadline for signup will be announced during practice.  Once that deadline has passed, students are committed to debate and are expected to be present. There will be several over-night tournaments throughout the season. Debaters WILL NOT be permitted to attend those tournaments if they have not debated the resolution of the overnight tournament at a prior competition. In case of an emergency, please let Mr. Strom or Ms. Beedy know as soon as possible.


    NFL Tournament: This is a national qualifying tournament and as such, Mr. Strom and Ms. Beedy will select the teams that participate in this tournament. You may plead a case as to why you deserve to attend this tournament; however, the decision ultimately falls to coaching staff. The following items will be considered in the selection process: Strength of case, seniority (years participated and class standing), tournament etiquette throughout the season, practice attendance, work ethic, positive attitudes, and prioritization of time.


    Practices:  Practices will occur Mondays – Thursdays from 3:45 – 5:00.  Coaching staff will be flexible with any conflicts you have, but please notify Mr. Strom or Ms. Beedy of any recurring conflicts you may have.  


    Involvement:  Students can be as involved as they would like in the Debate team.  Make sure that your student informs the coaching staff of their intended schedule so that they can make adequate arrangements for the state and NFL tournaments.  If your student has been named to the state or NFL tournaments, attendance is mandatory unless an emergency occurs.

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