Program Description

  • Knowledge Bowl:

    Mission Statement; To advance general knowledge and promote fellowship among students.

    Organization Expectations:

    Knowledge Bowl constitutes a co-curricular organization.

    The Club meets to practice one or twice each week at times to be determined.  Practice times are determined by what is convenient for the majority of the members.  

    Practice begins early in the fall and lasts until the EDC spring meet late March or early April.  

    We compete in two to four Knowledge bowl meets in Minnesota.  Transportation to these meets is provided. These meets take place during the school day.

    We complete in four to five local meets at area schools.  These meets are after school, no more than three hours.  Transportation is on the students own.

    As with all organization, academic eligibility is required to participate.

    Appropriate behavior is expected at each meet.

    Must attend at least five practices prior to a meet.

    Must attend no less than 15 practices throughout the school year.

    Teams are composed of four to five members. Teams are formed by academic interest and strong suitability.

    There is no fee to participate in this organization.

    If the team does concessions to raise money, you are expected to be present.

Meet the Advisor



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jessica Keys



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jeannette Molivigny