Trade & Industry Curriculum

  • Trade, Industry, and Technical Education strives to teach and model industry standards in high-demand, high-wage fields including, aviation, construction, diesel technology, manufacturing, and recreation engines. Learners will develop industry skills through content, lab experiences, and projects that align with today’s business needs.

Course Descriptions: Aviation

  • Automated Manufacturing I

  • Aviation Technology I - Session I

  • Aviation Technology I - Session II

  • Aviation Technology II

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Course Descriptions: Trade & Industry

  • Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship

  • Building Trades Technology I (Dual Credit)

  • Building Trades Technology II (Dual Credit)

  • Construction Technology

  • Diesel Technology I

  • Diesel Technology II

  • Foundations of Building Trades

  • Metals I

  • Metals II

  • Recreational Engines Technology I

  • Recreational Engines Technology II

  • Welding I

  • Welding II

  • Woods I

  • Woods II