Technology Engineering / Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Curriculum

  • Technology engineering is a discipline area that develops an awareness and understanding of industry and technology. It provides opportunities to develop skills in problem-solving, cooperative learning, decision making and human resources. It broadens the students’ backgrounds in the world of work. It is not the program’s intent to train individuals to a level of skills for “job entry,” but rather it is to expand the student’s horizons in career explorations of various fields and potential career pursuits. As these skills are learned, students not only gain an awareness and appreciation of technology, but they will become better consumers of it.

Course Descriptions

  • Drafting Design I

  • Energy in Motion Innovations

  • Project Lead the Way - Civil Engineering

  • Project Lead the Way - Introduction to Engineering

  • Project Lead the Way - Principles of Engineering

  • Robotics - VEX