Family & Consumer Science Curriculum

  • Family and consumer science focus on those skills that help to achieve optimal daily living. Courses promote communication skills, consumer awareness, parenting techniques, personal image, home design, sewing skills, food preparation, and nutritional knowledge. Creative thinking and problem-solving skills are used to enhance the current lives of students, as well as to prepare them for future careers and families.

Course Description

  • Child Development & Parenting

  • Contemporary Sewing

  • Culinary Arts I

  • Culinary Arts II

  • Discovering Foods

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Educating the Exceptional Child (Dual Credit)

  • Fashion & Clothing

  • Food Trends

  • Interior Decorating & Design

  • International Cuisine

  • Introduction to the Teaching Profession (Dual Credit)

  • Living on Your Own

  • Teaching Field Experience (Dual Credit)