• West Fargo Public Schools strives to ensure that all students have the mathematical skills and strategies needed in a 21st Century education.

    At the elementary level, teachers utilize the resources Bridges and Number Corner from The Math Learning Center for whole group instruction. These resources are designed to guide students to become strong mathematicians both mentally and procedurally. Teachers in West Fargo receive extensive math professional development when they enroll in Add+Vantage Math Recovery Course 1 and 2. These courses provide teachers with the tools they need to assess students in their current level of mathematics and design instruction to meet their needs. DreamBox is another valuable resource available to all students in the elementary schools. DreamBox provides personalized learning so students can advance in many areas of mathematics at their rate of learning and interest.

    At the middle level, teachers utilize a variety of resources and strategies to help learners achieve the standards. Educators embed the Standards of Mathematical Practice in their instruction while focusing the content of six critical areas: (1) develop and using ratios, rates, and proportional relationships to solve problems (2) Expanding the Number System to Rational and Irrational Numbers; (3) writing, interpreting,  and using expressions and equations; (4) develop statistical thinking; (5) continue to expand on Geometry concepts and ideas from elementary; and (6)understanding and using function relationships.   In addition, middle school math teachers utilized DreamBox to help differentiate instruction.   

    At the high school level, students are required to complete three credits of math for graduation, and are offered electives in many courses beyond Algebra II, including Calculus AB and BC.   In the core classes, there are six major focus areas: modeling, numbers and quantity, Algebra, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability as well as developing the eight mathematical practices in our learners.

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