Health & Physical Education

  • West Fargo Public Schools values physical fitness and the pursuit of lifelong activity and overall health.

    At the elementary level, students engage in physical education and/or health education daily for thirty minutes. Students are taught the fundamental skills needed to engage in a wide-variety of activities and sports. Students participate in physical activity that includes stretching as well as cardio and strength training. Health instruction is focused on understanding the basic health concepts and demonstrating health skills like goal-setting as well as making good choices for social, emotional, physiological, and physical health.

    At the middle school level, students engage in physical education every other day. Fundamental skills needed to participate in activities and sports are reviewed and implemented into engaging group activities that include cardio and strength training, as well as stretching and flexibility.

    Middle school students participate in a specific health course for a quarter in sixth grade and again in eighth grade. These courses focus on coping with stress, developing self-esteem, effects of decision making, setting health goals, and implementing strategies to live a healthy lifestyle. Instruction also consists of current and relevant information concerning self-destructive life-style choices, including drug use and addiction.

    At the high school level, students are required to take physical education as a freshman and other elective courses are offered in subsequent years for a total of 1.5 credits. Curriculum at the high school level focuses on a lifestyle management approach. Instruction includes learning about how to improve physical fitness, dietary habits, and successful participation, all while engaging in physical activity that meets the student’s everyday needs and the needs for a lifetime. For this reason, elective courses are offered.

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