Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can teach a home schooled child?

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    A guardian is qualified to supervise a program of home instruction if the guardian has a high school diploma, GED, or greater. Proof of guardian’s level of education is required.

    Home educators may attend classes, staff development programs, and training sessions provided to WFPS teaching staff. A homeschooled child must be taught by one of the child’s parents or legal guardians.


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  • Can home school students receive a high school diploma?

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    Yes, if they meet the requirements. West Fargo Public Schools grants diplomas only to those students who have completed all North Dakota and WFPS requirements for a high school diploma.   

    To receive credit for courses completed through home education, the student’s parent or legal guardian must provide West Fargo Public Schools with the following:

         1) An outline of the course material covered in each subject,
         2) A list of the course objectives,
         3) A written description on how the course objectives were met, and
         4) A transcript of the student’s performance in grades.

    If any of the four items of required documentation is unavailable, West Fargo Public Schools may evaluate whether other reasonable proof is acceptable for the student to meet applicable requirements for high school graduation. All home school transfer credits will be identified on the student’s transcript as “home school.”

    To be eligible to graduate from West Fargo Public Schools, home school students must be enrolled in, and successfully complete, their senior year at Sheyenne, Community, or West Fargo High School. Students are required to earn six credits their senior year including four credits in the senior level classes in the four core classes (math, science, social studies, and English/language arts). 

    Any home school student and parent seeking a West Fargo Public School diploma must schedule a meeting with the high school principal the spring or summer PRIOR to the student’s senior year.  


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  • Can home school students participate in school activities?

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    Yes, but they are required to follow the same eligibility requirements established by the school, the district (link to district policy), and the North Dakota High School Activities Association (link to state policy). For home school students, a parent must provide the athletic or activity director a written report indicating their academic progress using the same academic eligibility dates as the school.


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  • How do home school educators get curriculum materials?

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    Parents are responsible for purchasing all materials.  School district textbooks may be borrowed by home school parents if the school has extra copies available.

    There are many companies and organizations that sell or provide curriculum materials for home schools. You may also contact:

    North Dakota Home School Association
    1854 107th St NE
    Bottineau, ND 58318

    Telephone: 701‐263‐3727


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  • How do home school educators find nationally normed standardized tests?

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    Here are some sources of standardized tests frequently used by home school parents:


    Iowa Test of Basic Skills
    Riverside Publishing Company
    PO Box 1970
    Iowa City, Iowa 52244


     Stanford Achievement Tests
    The Psychological Corporation
    757 3rd Avenue
    New York, NY 10017


    California Achievement Test
    Piedmont Education Services
    1629 Turfwood Drive
    Pfafftown, NC  27040‐9513

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