Service Learning Curriculum

  • West Fargo High School and Sheyenne High School students can earn credit through educational opportunities that happen beyond the typical classroom setting. The three options at each building include in-school service, JET service, and out-of-school service.

    In-school: A service-learning experience during school hours is an opportunity to provide service in our school community. Students are required to provide service every day school is in session during the semester. If students are absent from class, they must make arrangements with their supervising teacher to make up hours missed.

    Junior Educators of Tomorrow (JET): A service-learning program to experience a teaching career in the elementary or middle school setting.  Students must be in 12th grade, have a GPA of at least 2.0, and be registered for at least five additional classes at the high school.  Students will be assigned a cooperating teacher and will spend a minimum of 50 minutes in the classroom each day school is in session.  One block of time will be used for travel and a minimum of 50 minutes of service in the classroom. 

    Out-of-school: A service-learning experience for students to serve the community through a non-profit organization. Service during 8th period will occur each day school is in session. Service after school requires a minimum of 60 service hours for the duration of the semester.

    Students may earn a (.5) credit for service-learning with up to a (1.0) credit throughout their 9-12th grade years. The service-learning credit must be used as a sixth or seventh class during the semester. Students are responsible for attending their in-school and JET service-learning class every day school is in session during the semester. Students registering for an 8th period out-of-school service-learning class are required to report to their service site every day school is in session during the semester. Students registering for an out-of-school service-learning credit that takes place after the school day are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of service at their service site for the duration of the semester.

    As required for the service-learning class, each student is responsible for completing a weekly journal reflection entry, written assignments, a final reflection, and a final evaluation. Reflection journals must be signed by the supervisor or cooperating teacher every three weeks. Service-learning classes are included in midterm progress reports and can affect eligibility for extra-curricular activities and open study halls. A final grade of “SA” (Satisfactory) or “UN” (Unsatisfactory) is assigned to participating students based on their participation and the completion of the courses requirements.

    A student’s appearance during a service-learning program should be appropriate for the service site and service recipients. Participating students should observe the high school dress code and consider business-casual attire when appropriate. During this experience, a student is not only representing West Fargo Public Schools, but also his/herself and the potential to be a professional member of the community.