Post-Secondary Planning

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    Submitting College Applications

    Once you submit your college application(s), ask yourself if you have done the following:

    • Have you paid the application fee or submitted a fee waiver form when you submitted your college applications?
    • Have you requested for your transcript to be sent to each school that you applied to?
    • If required, have you submitted your letters of recommendation?
    • If required, have you submitted your college entrance essays?
    • Have you sent dual-credit college transcripts to each school that you applied to?
    • Have you submitted your AP scores to each school that you applied to?

    If you do not submit all the required materials to your colleges of choice, you may not be considered for admission.

    While you wait to hear from colleges, complete your FAFSA and spend time searching for scholarships. Once you make your decision on which college to attend, contact any other schools that offered you acceptance and let them know that you will not be attending. Following your acceptance and final decision, research your housing and course registration options. If you are waitlisted by a college, make sure to stay in contact with them to reassure them of your interest. If you are denied by a college, and would still like to attend, research the college's appeal process.

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