CTE Advisory Committees

  • The mission of the Career Pathway Advisory Committee is to strengthen the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs it serves. The committee exists to advise, assist, support and advocate for career and technical education. It has no legislative, administrative or programmatic authority and is advisory only. Advisory Committees work cooperatively with school officials in planning and carrying out committee work.
    Career and Technical Education advisory committees are made up of volunteers who agree to serve as advisors to one or more career and technical education programs. Members include representatives from business, labor, community agencies, post-secondary educational institutions, students and parents of current and former students. Because of their working knowledge of requirements of specific occupations and training opportunities, they provide valuable advice, guidance, and assistance.

    The primary purpose of advisory committees is to provide ongoing evaluation and consultation about the curriculum to keep it current with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values identified as being necessary for students to work effectively in their chosen occupation.