Health Services

  • West Fargo Public Schools employs 18 nurses for its 22 schools, which means that most schools only have a nurse available a few hours each day. Our nurses make regularly scheduled visits to each of their assigned buildings to assess learners’ wellbeing related to accidents, injuries, or illness. They are also responsible for handling allergies, chronic health conditions, immunizations, medication, and screenings. Per the ND Board of Nursing, nurses are not authorized to diagnose medical conditions.

    If a nurse is unavailable due to scheduling, each building has a staff member designated as the backup. Therefore, in many instances where “nurse” is used within district protocols, another designated staff member may be working with a learner and their parents/guardians in the absence of a nurse.     

Staff Directory

  • Aurora
  • Brooks Harbor
  • Cheney MS
  • Deer Creek
  • Eastwood & TA/CHS
  • Freedom
  • Harwood & Westside
  • Heritage MS
  • Horace & Horace HS
  • Independence
  • LE Berger & Westside
  • Legacy & Willow Park
  • Liberty MS
  • Osgood
  • Sheyenne HS
  • South & ECC
  • WFHS
  • Willow Park
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