Child Development Concerns

  • Academic Readiness
    Is your child learning new information through interactions with their environment? This could include:

    • Pre-academic skills such as knowledge of colors, numbers, and letters
    • Memory skills
    • Concepts for following directions (such as in, on, under, or many)
    • Being able to generalize from one learning experience to another
    • Reasoning (what to do in different situations, or the use of the information that he/she has)
    • Understanding symbols (words have meaning, letters, numbers, etc.)

    Does your child show signs of being afraid, extremely shy, angry, crying a lot, hostility towards others, especially authority figures; overly active or passive, not wanting to participate in activities, extreme dependence on others, not showing interest in his/her environment, and showing little or no feeling toward others.

    Expressive Language
    Is your child able to tell someone what he/she is thinking, either by using words, gestures, symbols, or some other communication system or device?

    Fine Motor
    The development and use of small muscles such as the muscles of the hands and fingers for activities such as cutting, coloring, writing, building with blocks, and stringing beads.

    Gross Motor
    Development and use of the large muscle groups in any activity involving movement such as running, jumping, ball skills and balance.

    Is your child having trouble making sentences, understanding meanings of words, knowing how to talk to other people, and following directions?

    Receptive Language
    Is your child able to understand what someone is saying?

    Is your child able to comprehend and complete activities such as dressing, eating, toileting, grooming, and other home routines?

    Social and/or Emotional Development
    Does your child interact appropriately with family and peers? Is your child able to handle emotional situations in a normal or acceptable manner?

    Is your child having trouble pronouncing (saying) all the different sounds we hear and say every day when we talk? This is also called articulation.