SRO Projects & Programs

    With an aim of reducing the number of students' personal property items stolen each year, the West Fargo SRO Program launched the use of the database MY STUFF. The database is intended for all students and school district employees to enter and store the serial numbers of their electronic items and other personal valuables.

    Once a device has been registered, individuals can log into their account and report their device stolen simply by changing its status. Once that happens, a SRO receives an email regarding the missing property. SROs also have the ability to search the database using serial numbers and/or individual names.
    MY STUFF is free and available on the West Fargo Public Schools website. Students (or parents) create an account and enter identifying information for any valuable items that are being brought into the school.

    This database is used by several other school districts and SROs in the region.  To register your families' items with My Stuff, click here

    The Text-A-Tip program was developed in response to the number of young people using texting as a popular means of communication. Each WFPS SRO has a number assigned to their school's Text-A-Tip program that they promote within their assigned school(s). The use of the Text-A-Tip program gives students another option in reporting danger, rising problems, or illegal activity in a school. The ability to receive tips via this program has allowed the SROs to respond to situations, and often resolve them, much more quickly.

     Lock It or Lose It
    The Lock It or Lose It program began in response to the growing number of locker thefts that were occurring. Most of the thefts being reported were the result of an unsecured locker. This program is an attempt to bring more attention to the need for students to keep their property secure during the school day.

    Students created posters and magnets explaining the program and encouraging every WFPS student to "Lock It or Lose It."

    Cass-Clay Unified School Response
    Cass-Clay Unified School Response is a group of schools and law enforcement agencies who have adopted unified emergency response protocols and adapted them to their unique situations. The goal of CCUSR was to develop a unified command organization operating under similar emergency protocols. Since its first adoption in 2006, the concept has evolved into a multi-jurisdictional response plan that protects over 30,000 students across 16 districts.

    Alive At 25
    Alive at 25 is a 4 ½ hour driver's awareness course designed by the National Safety Council for young drivers age 15-24. Students will gain awareness and develop strategies to keep safe on the road. They learn through interactive media, workbook exercises and class discussions. This course is taught by SROs to students enrolled in the driver's education class.