Emergency Procedures & CCUSR

  • West Fargo Public Schools participates in Cass-Clay Unified School Response (CCUSR), a community collaborative between every school district and first responder agency in Cass and Clay Counties.  This seamless response among school districts and first responders, regardless of jurisdictional boundaries, is our greatest defense. 

    CCUSR acknowledges that in times of crisis, effective and consistent plans and procedures are vital to minimize physical and mental harm to students, staff, visitors to our schools, and our community as a whole.  The resources developed by Cass Clay Unified School Response are considered “best practices.” Equal representation among professional disciplines and jurisdictions was considered in the development of these plans.

    West Fargo Public Schools is committed to this unified effort, as we see the value of being part of a network of professionals who can work together to share information, learn from each other’s experience and  identify ways to empower staff to achieve an even greater level of safety and security in our schools.


Emergency Information for Families

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