WFPS School Resource Officers

  • In 2005, the West Fargo Police Department and West Fargo Public Schools implemented their School Resource Officer (SRO) program.  This program introduces a law enforcement officer into the educational environment of schools.  Currently there are seven SROs in the district - one officer serves all K-5 schools on the north side of the district, one officer for all south side K-5 schools, and one officer at each of our three middle schools and two comprehensive high schools. 

    Officers are trained by the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) and taught the “triad” concept.  The triad concept divides the responsibilities of a SRO into three main areas: educator, informal counselor and law enforcement officer.  SROs provide law-related education to students, parents and staff by serving as guest speakers/teachers at various school events.  They work within the context of their knowledge, training and experiences as a law enforcement officer when asked to provide informal counseling.  Their work on school safety and law enforcement activities balances out this triad.   

    Goals of the SRO program are to provide safe learning environments in our district’s schools, provide valuable resources to school staff, foster positive relationships with youth, and develop strategies to resolve problems affecting youth with the objective of protecting every child so they can reach their fullest potential.