Substitute Teaching at WFPS

  • Welcome to the West Fargo School District Substitute Page!

    As a substitute teacher in the West Fargo Public Schools, your role is critically important. Whether you take daily assignments or choose to participate in a long-term role, each time you enter a classroom to teach, you are responsible for our community’s most valuable resource…its children.

    The substitute handbook is designed to help you in your efforts to become familiar about our schools and our students. Your responsibility is to replace the regular teacher and to carry out, to the best of your abilities, the duties and responsibilities of that teacher. We trust that each time you substitute teach, the students will have a meaningful and productive educational experience.

    Thank you for your commitment to the education and development of the students of West Fargo Public Schools!

Substitute Teacher Salary Information

  • The current pay schedule for substitute teachers is $110.00 for a full day assignment and $55.00 for a half-day assignment; other daily increments are prorated accordingly. After substituting for 10 consecutive days in any one teaching assignment, a substitute will be paid $116.00 per day for the next 20 days of substituting, should the assignment continue that long. After a teacher has substituted in one teaching assignment for 30 days, he/she will be paid a daily rate derived from the Bachelors Lane, Step 0 of the current teacher salary schedule. The daily rate is currently $197.39. Substitute teachers will receive a $130.00 bonus after teaching in the district for 15 fulltime days*; the days need not be consecutive. *The bonus payment will follow the next payday after the 15th full time day has been paid.

    Substitutes may be asked to cover another class assignment during the collaboration or prep period and will be paid for this additional period worked. The school office will report the additional time to the Human Resources Department. Substitute teachers are paid every other Friday by direct deposit. The West Fargo Public School District offers a 403(b) Plan for eligible employees; this includes substitute teachers.