Bidding Procedures

  • Preparation for Bidding
    Bid packages should be prepared in each instance when the school district is requesting proposals and such package should include: Instructions to Bidders, two Bid Forms, and Specifications. 

    With limited expectations, each contract involving the expenditure of an aggregate amount greater than $25,000.00 may be entered into only after ten days notice by at least one publication in a legal newspaper published in the county in which the school district, or a portion thereof is located (NDCC 15.1-09-34).

    Receipt of Proposals
    All sealed proposals must be delivered to the business office by the date and time specified in the publication and Instruction to Bidders. No late proposals should be accepted.

    Opening of Bids
    At the time set forth in the Instructions to Bidders and in the publication the bids are to be opened and read.

    Review of Proposals
    After the bid opening, the appropriate administrative officials should review all bids to determine if they meet the Instructions to Bidders and Specifications. Any bids failing to meet Instructions to Bidders or Specifications should be noted.

    Board Action
    After review by the administration, the appropriate administrator should report to the Board on the outcome of the bidding and make a recommendation concerning the lowest responsible bidder meeting specifications. Any action on the proposals, awarding the bid to the lowest responsible bidder, rejecting a proposal for failing to meet Specifications, waiving irregularities, etc. must be taken by the Board.

    Notification to Bidders
    After the Board has awarded the contract to the lowest responsible bidder or rejected all bids, all bidders should be so notified.

    Preparation of Contracts
    Contracts prepared as a result of the bidding process should incorporate the Instructions to Bidders, Bid Form, and Specification into the contract.