• The annual budget for the school district is formally adopted in July or August of each school year.  This includes the establishment of the initial mill levy for the fiscal year. The mill levy is adjusted prior to October 10 of each year to reflect the final property valuations that are prepared by the Cass County Assessor and the Cass County Auditor. The first major budget revisions are adopted in November and the final budget revisions are adopted in June.

    The budget timeline is as follows:

    1. January - Februrary:  Preliminary budget parameters are established by the administration
    2. March:  Multi-year budget forecasts are shared with the School Board
    3. February - April:  Budget managers build detailed budget requests
    4. April - June:  Central administration summarizes budgets and makes necessary adjustments
    5. July:  Preliminary budget presented to the School Board for adoption
    6. Prior to October 10:  Final mill levy is established and provided to Cass County Auditor
    7. November:  Adoption of first budget revision
    8. June:  Adoption of final budget revision