Apply for Space

  • A decision on offering facility rentals during the 2020-21 school year has been put on hold until October 1. The postponement of this decision allows the district to focus all efforts on the safe return of students to the classroom first. On October 1, the district will evaluate how our staff has met the adjusted operations required for the district to maintain a safe learning environment in our current risk level and then decide what is feasible for us to offer in addition to academics.

    Due to the high volume of requests for weekday practices, twice-weekly practices are scheduled on a Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday basis. While we know that this schedule will not work the best for everyone, we have found that it works the best for most organizations involved in our program, and allows us to provide consistent space to all requesting organizations. Community teams/organizations who are looking for practice/meeting space must have a team roster on file with the Buildings & Grounds Department before their applications are processed.