Facility Rental Fee Structure

  • The West Fargo Facility Rental Program utilizes the following fee structure for use of district spaces by external organizations. Internal organizations and/or those who have been recognized by the district as being a district-affiliated organization (PTOs, Mustang Boosters, Packer Backers, school-based activities, normal school day operations, WFEA, and WFPS School Board) are exempt from the stated fee structure. Invoices are created and mailed at the end of every event month; full cash/check payment is due within 14 days of receipt. Prepayment is not accepted and deposits may be required at the discretion of the Buildings & Grounds Department.

 Specialty Turf Fees



Degrees and Certifications:

Specialty Turf Fees

Substances that may stain or clog the artificial turf field are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, sunflower seeds, glass, chewing gum, candy, food, crepe paper, coffee, soft drinks, sports drinks, and petroleum jelly. Such substances must be kept outside of the playing area fence; only water is allowed on the turf field.

An Automatic Charge of $200, in addition to custodial staff costs, will be assessed to the client for cleanup of such prohibited debris.