Facility Rentals

  • A decision on offering facility rentals during the 2020-21 school year has been put on hold until October 1. The postponement of this decision allows the district to focus all efforts on the safe return of students to the classroom first. On October 1, the district will evaluate how our staff has met the adjusted operations required for the district to maintain a safe learning environment in our current risk level and then decide what is feasible for us to offer in addition to academics.

    There is a large demand by external organizations to utilize WFPS spaces. During the 2019 – 2020 school year, the district provided a home for an estimated 2,800 facility rental events for an estimated total of 4,400 hours of facility use. These events were facilitated through the drafting, maintenance, and invoicing of 243+ contracts. The estimated attendance for the year’s rental events is 50,170 people. Organizations rent space to hold athletic practices, club meetings, personal parties, and large-scale performances and fundraisers. In an effort to provide equity to all requesting community groups, the Facility Rentals Program does not reserve space on a first-come, first-serve basis. Instead, we want to ensure that every group has an equal chance at using space within West Fargo Public Schools. If you would like to see what spaces are available, please review the district facility use calendar.

    All applications, no matter the type of the event or the requesting organization, will be processed according to the following schedule:

    • September 16 – September 30 events are processed the second week in September
    • October 1 – December 31 events are processed the third week in September
    • January 2 – May 14 events are processed the fourth week in November

WFPS Facilities Calendar