WFPS Special Education

  • Mission:

    Support learners with disabilities to grow in all areas (academic, choice-ready, and wellness) by building their self-efficacy, agency, voice and choice in their programming for success in life.


    Achieve student growth through the collaboration of our staff, families, and community. 

    We Believe...

    • All learners can grow and thrive in a welcoming and intentional learning environment through evidenced-based interventions and programming.
    • All learners should have access to their Least Restrictive Environment to become independent alongside their peers.
    • Personalized Competency Based Learning provides meaningful access to education for all learners.
    • Educators that are provided with the right tools, resources and training are more prepared to support and have a positive impact on all learners and build educator wellness in this field.
    • A collaborative Individualized Education Plan Team has a positive, practical and lasting impact on our learners by developing plans that honor the learner’s strengths, areas of improvement, intentional goals aligned to standards as a pathway back to a lesser restrictive environment, and supports needed in all educational environments.


Department Leadership



Degrees and Certifications:

Rachel Kjonaas

Director of Special Education



Degrees and Certifications:

Penny Henderson

Administrative Assistant
(701) 356-2003

Department Directory

  • Leidal Education Center
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