• West Fargo Community High School is an alternative high school operated by the West Fargo School District. The purpose of the school is to provide an educational alternative to students who have had difficulty learning in the traditional high school setting. Community High School has a maximum enrollment of 60 students at a time, however many more than that are served by the school during the academic year.

    Students must be a resident of the West Fargo School District and be 16 years old to attend Community High School. The mission of Community High School is to help each student cross the bridge into a productive and satisfying adult life by providing small classes, student-paced learning, and opportunities for academic, social, and personal growth.

    The original building was built in 1941 to serve as the district’s first high school. In 1954, an addition created the classroom wing on the north side of the building. A 1959 addition relocated the gymnasium to the space currently occupied by the West Fargo Public Library. In 1973, the current gymnasiums were added, which allowed for the renovation of the existing gymnasium into a theater. The building transitioned to a middle school when West Fargo High School opened in 1986. Substantial remodeling occurred in 2005 when the building was converted to a community building. Lodoen Community Center now holds the district’s Transition Academy, Alternative Middle School Program, Early Childhood Special Education, and Community High School programs. The building occupies a 15-acre site, which includes the district’s soccer complex, a play area for the ECSE program, as well as amenities for the Lodoen Kindergarten Center.