West Fargo High School

  • West Fargo High School hopes to prepare students to exhibit global and community awareness, communication and technological literacy, the ability to access and evaluate information, an appreciation of the humanities, respect for the individual, and self-knowledge. The ultimate purpose of all education is to make the students their own teachers. These are accomplished through a balance of excellent broad-based academic, vocational, co-curricular programs that in themselves demonstrate accountability and flexibility necessary to meet the demands of today's world.


    The current West Fargo High School was built in 1987. The first addition occurred in 1992, which added a theater, career and technical education space, classrooms, and an expanded gymnasium. In 2011, the building was expanded to accommodate a fitness space and to enlarge and renovate the kitchen. Several spaces within the building were renovated in 2015 in preparation for the return of ninth grade students for the 2015-2016 school year. The school’s athletic field was upgraded to synthetic turf in 2019. The building occupies a 37.7-acre site in northeastern West Fargo and has a preferred capacity of 1,395 and a maximum capacity of 1,550.

    West Fargo High School is home to the West Fargo High Packers.

    The building’s principals have included: Irene Froelich (1945 – 1946), Theodore Hillius (1946 – 1958), Merlin Ludwig (1958 – 1960), Howard Freeberg (1960 – 1965), Otto Evenson (1965 – 1968), Marvin Leidal (1968 – 1980), Michael Drew (1980 – 1998), Gary Clark (1998 – 2011), Cory Steiner (2011 – 2012), Gary Clark (2012 – 2013), Jennifer Fremstad (2013 – 2022), and Rachel Bachmeier (2022 - present).

Administrative Staff


    Ms. Rachel Bachmeier


    Mr. Jon Asprey            A-F

    Dr. Wayne Samson    M-R

    Mr. Rick Wilson          S-Z


    Mrs. Lindsey Metz       G-L


    Mr. Justin Behm


    Mr. Jamie Zuel

    Mrs. Courtney Quist

    Mrs. Dana Rosendahl

    Dr. Chasity Odden Heide

    Mrs. Tessa Roberts