Elementary School Handbook

  • West Fargo Public Schools aligns instructional practices and resources to create a nurturing, learner-centered environment. Learners are empowered to develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

    Strategic Goals

    1. All learners are empowered to think critically, reflect, communicate, and achieve academic proficiency across all content areas and develop their Profile of a Graduate dispositions.
    2. All learners are empowered to identify their passions, skills, and purpose, set goals, and determine a personalized pathway to thrive and contribute responsibily to the local and global community.
    3. All learners and educators are engaged in safe and compassionate learning environments that foster collaborative relationships and their physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.



    When parents/guardians have concerns about school, they are asked to first contact the school employee who is nearest to the situation of concern. If parents do not feel the issue is resolved after talking to that person, they should contact the building principal, followed by the elementary assistant superintendent, Rachael Agre, if the matter is still not resolved. If that should fail, parents should contact superintendent Beth Slette. A parent’s final avenue is to file an appeal with the School Board.

Key Staff

Procedures & Practices

  • West Fargo Public Schools has various procedures in place across the district that govern day-to-day activities within school facilities. Such procedures are available via the district website, or a paper copy can be requested from the administrative assistant at the school.

    The procedures mentioned below are a good representation of procedures that are followed by West Fargo Public Schools. Updated procedures are added to the website.

Elementary Practices & Procedures

Title Document
Assessment View
Behavior Matrix View
Bicycles Skateboards Rollerblades View
Birth Certificates-Proof of Identity View
Book and Resource Replacement View
Cold Weather View
Electronic Devices and Other Personal Items View
Health Information View
Homework View
Invitations View
Lockers and Storage Areas View
Neglect Child Abuse View
Nutrition Services View
Parent Teacher Communication View
Report to Parents View
Responsible Use of Technology View
Schedule Guidelines View
After School Accountability View
Elementary Back-to-School Night View