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This informational sheet is intended to answer some frequently asked questions about the West Fargo Packer Backer Association. After reading this, we hope you will join our organization.

  1. What is the purpose of the Packer Backer Association? The purpose of Packer Backers is to support, encourage and generally assist athletic, speech, drama and (at the discretion of the Board) other programs and events in the high school. It consists of a group of volunteers made up of parents and fans that are dedicated to support events, athletic programs, the arts, and West Fargo High School in general.
  2. How does the organization raise money? We currently have 5 major sources of revenue: 1) Selling concessions at various events; 2) Marketing advertisements from area businesses, which appear in our fall, winter, and spring activities programs. The programs are available at all home games and activities; 3) Selling "photo buttons" of our students participating in their extra curricular activities; 4) Selling Packer Backer memberships each year; and 5) The sale of advertising rights on the High School sign/electronic message board center located in the northwest corner of the school property.
  3. How are requests for assistance made? Advisors or coaches of the extra curricular activities submit their requests through Curt Jones, Activities Director. These requests are then brought to the Packer Backer Board of Directors for their consideration.
  4. Is it true Packer Backers only help athletic programs? No. Packer Backers assist groups including speech, debate, drama and the Technology Student Organization, publications, science Olympiad, close-up, Packer Pride awards, Jr. ROTC, and student congress. Contributions are also made to Post Prom and Post Graduation parties as well as supporting athletics. The Packer Backers also support public service announcements on local radio stations promoting student safety at special events throughout the school year.
  5. What have Packer Backers done in the past? Packer Backers use the funds generated to help defray expenses students would incur where there is insufficient funding available through the school. This includes but is not limited to helping students pay portions of some entry fees or the cost difference between the expenses of using a school bus versus a charter bus for lengthy trips out of town. Equipment not budgeted through the school has also been purchased. During this school year, Packer Backers has donated over $51,000 to many of the organizations and activities mentioned above.


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